Stina's Story

My story is about improving one's situation. All my life I have worked hard to improve myself and also to make people happy and feel good. My husband Tom and our daughters Lindsay and Cassandra have always been my biggest cheerleaders and have motivated me to do my best.

Throughout life, I always remembered what my daddy said to me: “be kind, loving, and always help others” and “you no work, you no eat.” These were his exact words in his broken English!

It was my daddy who taught me to have a good work ethic, and to him I am truly grateful for his lessons. I miss him everyday.

In trying to survive all these years, it occurred to me that I was not fully using my voice. I was not this confident person that I used to be. What happened? What now? I started to ask myself questions. What can I do to change this? How can I feel more confident? and most of all, how can I help others feel confident and empowered?

As I was developing a plan, I got an invitation to join a webinar where I met a young mother who shared her story on how she started a business based on something simple that she loved to do.

During the interview, she said something so simple yet so profound: “do what you love and the rest will come.”

Do what I love? … That’s it! That is what I was missing. I love to help others and to create. How can I create and at the same time encourage others to be confident and be empowered?

This is how BeSpoke by Stina was born.

Using my creativity (what I love to do) and my desire to empower others (I love people), I started BeSpoke by Stina with my daughters Lindsay and Cassandra. We create affordable, unique products crafted and selected to inspire one to feel confident, beautiful, special, empowered, fun, and to BeSpoke of.

I couldn’t just stop here. Part of my mission is to give back and help others. For every online sale, BeSpoke by Stina will donate one pair of earrings to Dress for Success, an organization that helps empower women to achieve economic independence and to feel inspired. An essential accessory to help one feel BeSpoke.