Terceira Natural Lava Stone Necklace
Terceira Natural Lava Stone Necklace
BeSpoke by Stina

Terceira Natural Lava Stone Necklace

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The Terceira lava stone necklace is named after a Portuguese island in the Azores. The necklace features a lava stone pendant with a gold plated chain. It's beauty is reminiscent of the beautiful island of Terceira where volcanic rock makes up part of its landscape, and is a tribute to the homeland of Stina's family.

Lava stone is considered to be grounding and calming. As it represents stability, courage, and strength. Combine with essential oils to enhance these properties. Pair with lavender essential oil to help reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and promote a restful slumber.

Nickel Free | 16 Inch Chain | 18k Gold Plated | Lava Stone

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